About us

SV TRANSPORTSERVICE GMBH was founded in 2010, and despite the short time of existence it has become synonymous with high quality in the provision of services related to transportation.

The company is owned by Mrs. Slavica Vranjković, who, after years of work experience in other companies started an independent entrepreneurial venture and founded a company that specializes in providing all kinds of transport services.

With their work and service quality the company has become well-known in a short period of time in the whole region.

SV TRANSPORTSERVICE GmbH with its partner company LogPay GmbH (Ltd), which is a member of the DVB LogPay Group with a tradition of over 90 years of working with clients, provides services of refuelling, toll payment, tax refunds, online services and other transportation-related services.

The network of more than 4,000 filling stations in 16 countries, at which it is possible to pay with our credit cards, and 18 countries in which you can use our toll payment services, guarantees safety and quality for each transportation company.

Our services are provided by quality staff who are available 24 hours a day throughout Europe.